Stockton Gas Stoves

Stockton Small Gas Stoves & Medium Gas Stoves

The Gazco Stockton Small and Medium gas stoves feature a cast iron door and use heavy gauge steel for the body, Stockton gas stoves combine all the traditional elements of a wood burning stove with the modern convenience of gas.

This means you can enjoy an unrivalled coal or log-effect fire together with a heating performance that will warm your room on those cold winter evenings. In fact, you won’t even have to move from your chair if you opt for one of Gazco’s upgradeable remote controls!



Stove A B C D E F Weight CF BF Flue Diameter
Stockton Small 422mm 525mm 290mm 346mm 110mm 50mm 57kg  y  y BF: 152mm (6″)CF: 127mm (5″)
Stockton Medium 579mm 618mm 345mm 425mm 102mm 66mm 77kg  y y BF: 152mm (6″)CF: 127mm (5″)

†(Balanced flue version 140mm).
*(Small balanced flue version 366mm)


Product Options

This products also comes in small and, medium sizes for conventional chimney and balanced flue.