Stûv 21 Single-face & Double Face Inset Stove

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Stûv 21 Single-face & Double Face Inset Stove

2-in-1 stove. Both an open and closed fire.

Stûv was the first manufacturer to launch stoves on the Belgian market which have retractable glass doors, thus affording both heat and a convivial atmosphere. The glass door slides back fully or partially, providing a view of the flames and the crackling of the fire.

21-8Integration into a low volume

Partial raising of the glass door allows the Stûv 21 to be integrated into a low horizontal space.

Limiting the travel of the glass door means the hearth height can be reduced by 15 to 25 cm depending on the model, and the stove can then be inserted into a low horizontal volume and thus break away from the traditional vertical shape.

21GlissieresIt can also be inserted into an old fireplace.

Wall-in a heating appliance…?

Everybody knows that mechanical components such as ball bearings, pulleys, runners, cables, especially when subjected to high temperatures, will soon or later require some maintenance or even replacement.

21PorteBasculanteSome manufacturers do not provide access to these components, which inevitably means trouble at some point, like having to remove the hearth altogether.

With a Stûv, all mechanical components are accessed in a matter of seconds.

The door tilts forwards for easy cleaning.