Multi Fuel Stoves

A multi-fuel stove is very similar to a wood-burning stove in appearance and design. Multifuel refers to the capability of the stove to burn wood and also coal, wood pellets, or peat.

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Wood Burning Stoves

A wood-burning stove is a heating appliance capable of burning wood fuel and wood-derived biomass fuel, such as wood pellets and our collection is to die for.

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Gas Stoves – Conventional Chimney

With a stunning collection of designs, sizes and heating effects its no surprise that our conventional chimney gas stoves are popular for home owners with chimneys.

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Gas Stoves – Balanced Flue

These balanced flue gas stoves exudes contemporary and tradition style and is available in style versions to suit most homes – even those without a chimney.

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Electric Stoves

The versatility of an electric stove means that you can install easily and use instantly. The electric stoves from us are highly efficient and come in a variety of designs.

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Inset Stoves

Inset stoves provide provide contemporary and tradition style and provide you with heat from a fire that is built-in to the wall and looks like a traditional fireplace.

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