Stûv 30 Wood Burning Stove

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Stûv 30 Wood Burning Stove

stuv-30-3-fonctions-animationSubtle curves for sleek and simple wood-burning stoves that let you enjoy a great view of your fire. The new version of the Stûv 30 has been totally redesigned and improved:

  • A new combustion system that improves performance and reduces emissions, especially fine particles;
  • Improved air-tightness of the combustion chamber;
  • Option to connect to the outside;
  • Precise air management settings and a wide range of applications;
  • The combustion air sweeps over the glass for a cleaner window.

The Stûv 30 is the only stove with 3 different operating modes:
A glass window to enjoy the captivating view of the flames;

in one simple movement, the door opens and there before you is the roaring fire, crackling with heat and radiating warmth. The full door elegantly hides a fire that’s burning slowly or has gone out.

It’s so easy to change the mode: just turn the door you want to the front of the stove by rotating the drum. It takes a matter of seconds.